Holiday Wishlist

Well the holiday season is in full effect…Feeling generous? For all you ballers out there, I’ve compiled my holiday wishlist (which naturally carry over into 2012) and felt like sharing it, just in case someone cared. LOL

In no particular order:

1. A new cell phone (since I lost mine about a week and a half ago – another HTC Sensation would be fine)

2. A new DSLR camera: Contemplating a Nikon D7000 since so many people have been asking me if I do video. I guess it’s a natural transition, although I don’t aspire to be a director or anything. Just looking to create some pieces to accompany my shoots.

3. A new laptop (to accompany my new camera. Duh.): Since my laptop died a few months ago, I’m desperately in need of a new one. I have one to get me by in the meantime, but it started acting up so I know its days are numbered. Not very Mac-savvy but I feel like it’s the way to go if you’re a creative type. Macbook Pro, anyone?

4. Argyle socks: Can’t get enough of those things! I easily have over a half-dozen pairs. Easy, cheap, fun. No brainer! =)

5. An Adidas sponsorship: Don’t know how I’m going to figure this one out, but it’s definitely one of my goals for 2012. I’ve been wearing Adidas gear since at least 1998, and when Missy Elliott got her line, I was so jealous because that could’ve easily been me! Don’t wear the whole tracksuits anymore, but anybody can tell you that I can be spotted wearing a track jacket and shell tops year-round (with matching argyle socks…don’t judge me). Being a brand ambassador for Adidas like drummer extraordinaire Daru Jones would be an honor!

6. Photoshop lessons: Would help me greatly in my photography career.

7. A photo studio: Too many potential gigs have been passed up because I don’t have access to a studio. Last year’s Levi’s Photo Workshop in Soho solidified my desire to have one.

8. Japanese lessons: My dream trip is to Japan, and I don’t want to go until I’ve learned at least the basics…

9. Etiquette lessons: I think it would be so cool to learn proper etiquette! Table etiquette, how to sit, walk, speak, curtsey… the whole 9!

10. A loft: It’s always been my dream to live in either a loft, a duplex or a brownstone. If I got a loft, there’s so much I feel I could offer my community.

And there you have it. That’s not too much to ask for, is it? =)

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