Q4 2013 Physical and Financial Fitness Challenge!

Q4 2013 Physical and Financial Fitness Challenge! October 1 – December 29, 2013 (wrap-up Dec. 30-31) 90-day challenge to promote physical and financial fitness and set you up for a fantastic New Year! Why wait until January 1st to start working towards your goals? 3 months is just enough time to begin to see positive … Continue reading

Officially Official.

Many thanks to Conscious for creating this logo for me! Also…this blog is finally a dot.com! It’s been a long time coming… look out for changes and new blog posts!

I’m Coming Out!

Since I started taking Zumba classes almost a year ago, I’ve lost over 25lbs and gained confidence, better health and a bunch of gym pals in the process. What started with me watching from the treadmill/elliptical has become my anti-drug… I now go to Zumba classes at least 4x a week, sometimes taking 2 or … Continue reading

Horoscope – 12.28.11

Shouts to DJ Getlive for posting this on Facebook… I’m encouraged! 

My Afro is LEANIN!

Cut my hair back in April as a result of a setback due to not knowing how to properly take care of color-treated hair…  Fast forward eight and a half months later and this is what I have now 🙂  Still bummed when I think of what my length would’ve been had I … Continue reading

Horoscope for 12.13.11

My mom saw this in the Daily News and showed it to me this morning…Kinda awesome. =)

Drole D’Anniversaire…

“An unusual anniversary” for those of you not proficient in French… I lost my most recent job a year ago today… I was at the point where I didn’t really care anymore, but don’t you think it was kind of messed up for them to let me go exactly two weeks before Christmas!? At the … Continue reading

What Would You Do with $6,000?

The night before last, I had this vivid dream where I was at a church function and they had a raffle. I don’t know how I was included in it, but I ended up winning the prize, which turned out to be a check for $5,900! Even though I was dreaming, my head was racing, … Continue reading

Holiday Wishlist

Well the holiday season is in full effect…Feeling generous? For all you ballers out there, I’ve compiled my holiday wishlist (which naturally carry over into 2012) and felt like sharing it, just in case someone cared. LOL In no particular order: 1. A new cell phone (since I lost mine about a week and a … Continue reading

Weight Loss Motivation

Every so often I find myself looking through old photos, and seeing the physical changes I’ve gone through over the past few years always amazes me. Now that I’m pursuing a consistent exercise regime, sometimes it’s frustrating when I feel like I’m not making any progress. But when I take a look at those old … Continue reading