Just a selection of print media, sites and blogs some of my work has been featured on or used by artists I’ve worked with. This is in no way comprehensive.

“Artist Spotlight: Xavier Pryce” – Dr. Jays (May 2010)

“Wordspit: Makin’ It…And Dealing With the Aftermath” – Planet Ill (April 2010)

Wordspit – “25 Under 25: Young New Yorkers Who Are Better Than You” – L Magazine (December 2009)

Premium the Delegate – Rock the Dub (December 2009)

Wordspit – 2DopeBoyz (August 2009)

Random – Rochester City Newspaper (July 2009)

DJ Mihoko – Backayard Magazine (July 2009)

Brokn.Englsh – 2 Dope Boyz (June 2009)

Wordspit – Stuff Fly People Like (June 2009)

Wordspit – “On the Rise” – Bleu Magazine (June 2009)

Wordspit – DJ Booth

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