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Donuts Are Forever 8 @ Brooklyn Bowl – 2.16.14

“Donuts Are Forever™ (established in 2007) is Rare Form’s annual fundraiser and tribute inspired by the life and music of late producer James “J Dilla” Yancey. The name Donuts Are Forever™ (DAF) pays homage to J Dilla’s last album, Donuts, released   posthumously in February 2006, when J Dilla succumbed to complications from Lupus.” – Donuts Are Forever Now … Continue reading

Q4 2013 Physical and Financial Fitness Challenge!

Q4 2013 Physical and Financial Fitness Challenge! October 1 – December 29, 2013 (wrap-up Dec. 30-31) 90-day challenge to promote physical and financial fitness and set you up for a fantastic New Year! Why wait until January 1st to start working towards your goals? 3 months is just enough time to begin to see positive … Continue reading

Officially Official.

Many thanks to Conscious for creating this logo for me! Also…this blog is finally a dot.com! It’s been a long time coming… look out for changes and new blog posts!

I’m Coming Out!

Since I started taking Zumba classes almost a year ago, I’ve lost over 25lbs and gained confidence, better health and a bunch of gym pals in the process. What started with me watching from the treadmill/elliptical has become my anti-drug… I now go to Zumba classes at least 4x a week, sometimes taking 2 or … Continue reading

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival – 7.14.12

Busta Rhymes and Friends. Epic. Leaders of the New School reunion & “Scenario” performed live for the first time in almost 20 years by everyone, including A Tribe Called Quest! This was my fifth year covering the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. New location, breathtaking backdrop, and the first time it didn’t rain since 2008! Enjoy…

Donuts Are Forever 6 @ Brooklyn Bowl – 2.19.12

Last Saturday, I headed over to Brooklyn Bowl for the 6th annual “‘Donuts Are Forever” tribute to J Dilla. This event is one that I look forward to every year; it’s a place where I reunite with people I’ve met over the years who share the same appreciation for Dilla’s work. As the DAF tribute … Continue reading

Horoscope – 12.28.11

Shouts to DJ Getlive for posting this on Facebook… I’m encouraged! 

Christmas Treats!

Hope you guys had a blessed and happy Christmas… Some great music was released over the weekend that I wanted to share with you: 1. Capricorn Chronicles (aka Myk Dyaleks and Deal the Villain, of Elite Assembly fame) dropped “The SheedWell EP”, which I think is frikkin’ awesome…Very cohesive project, reminiscent of Elite Assembly’s “Welcome … Continue reading

My Afro is LEANIN!

Cut my hair back in April as a result of a setback due to not knowing how to properly take care of color-treated hair…  Fast forward eight and a half months later and this is what I have now 🙂  Still bummed when I think of what my length would’ve been had I … Continue reading