Cocoa Sarai – “Cameras On” Video Shoot (BTS) – 3.26.11

Last week, I attended the video shoot for Cocoa Sarai’s “Cameras On” and shot some behind-the-scenes stuff. Although I got there a couple of hours before the shoot ended, it was obvious that SO many people had come through to show love to Cocoa! I don’t want to give too much away, but I will tell you that the video looks like it’s going to be crazy!

Check out the photos below, as well as this clip of Cocoa performing “Cameras On” at a recent show (visuals by Potential)… Enjoy!

For more on Cocoa Sarai:

One Response to “Cocoa Sarai – “Cameras On” Video Shoot (BTS) – 3.26.11”
  1. CAC says:

    CoCoa’s dope she did her thing on Singin In Da Wip. Big up!

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