I’m Coming Out!

Since I started taking Zumba classes almost a year ago, I’ve lost over 25lbs and gained confidence, better health and a bunch of gym pals in the process. What started with me watching from the treadmill/elliptical has become my anti-drug… I now go to Zumba classes at least 4x a week, sometimes taking 2 or … Continue reading

Body Language, Melo-X, Nyle vs The Naysayers, RebelTec & Recess @ Southpaw – 4.29.11

One big party…┬áBody Language, Melo-X, Nyle vs The Naysayers, Rebel Tec & Recess put on a fantastic show last night at Southpaw! Just a few shots – I might post a few more later…

More Snow… More Adventures!

So it snowed AGAIN… 19 inches this time. Snow on top of snow…The crazy part is how it all came down in such a short amount of time. I went to a birthday party around 7pm last night when it wasn’t snowing yet, and by 1am, the snow was midway up my calves. Walked home … Continue reading

Christmas Weekend Blizzard of 2010

So the day after Christmas, it snowed… late White Christmas for some, nightmare for others! I was out with my mom Sunday and didn’t get home until early evening. By then, the snow was blowing sideways and already up to my ankles! We awoke to a “winter wonderland.” Snow up to car doors, unplowed streets … Continue reading