Donuts Are Forever 11 @ Brooklyn Bowl – 2.19.17

Remember When I Used to Blog?

I don’t even know when was the last time I wrote anything on this here blog…sometime this summer… Frankly, I just wasn’t inspired. Been trucking along, doing my life thing – enjoying my natural hair journey, celebrated another birthday, finally joined a gym again. Methinks I’m ready to get back in the swing of things. … Continue reading

Should You Work For Free?

Surprisingly, the answer is “It depends…” A few weeks ago, I was inspired to rant write about my frustration with people who don’t want to pay for our services (See “Rock for a Fee, Not for Free“. So today, when photographer John Ricard (who also shared thoughts on working for cheap/free on his blog) shared … Continue reading

Old Spice Swagger Body Wash (Commercial)

I’m already mad that Old Spice has a body wash named “Swagger.” But a suds-covered Ray Lewis riding a giant bird in outer space? Hilarious!

You Don’t Have to Be a Great Photographer to Take Great Photos.

Thus is the argument made by Panasonic in this commercial for the Lumix G2 with Intelligent Auto. What do you think? We could have an entire discussion on the subject, but I just love this commercial because it cracks me up every time I watch it!

I Don’t Even Like Hamsters!

But this commercial takes the cake! Shouts to Black Sheep…

Marsha Ambrosius – Weight Loss

Found this video of Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry) talking about the 60 lbs. she’s lost over the past 3-4 years and showing off some of her old clothes. She’s right – it does seem like only yesterday that she looked completely different! I was just telling some of my friends about how I once … Continue reading

The Nanny

Watched this for the first time in forever and still knew all the words to the theme song…LOL

“Art Episodes” by Marthalicia Matarrita

Marthalicia Matarrita is a super-talented visual artist whom I’ve known for a few years now. I’m always supportive of her endeavors, because those endeavors seek to support the talents of others. Her “Art Episodes” follows other visual artists at various events, and I had the opportunity to watch her document a couple of them. Check … Continue reading

Baby Boogaloo

I saw this video at a lounge a couple of weeks ago…cutest thing ever! If we taught our children to preserve the elements of hip hop like someone’s doing with this kid, then I think we’ll be alright…