Liz Interviews Shurik’n of IAM

A few months ago (April 17th to be exact), I got the opportunity of a lifetime… I got to interview Shurik’n of IAM for the homies over at CAC-TV! “Who?” you might ask? Only one of the most talented MC’s out of France ever! Too many accolades and superlatives escape me, so just Google him … Continue reading

The Company Man Interview for CAC-TV @ Show And Prove – 5.19.11

Yo, I’ve done at least three interviews for CAC-TV and I’m terrified of video cameras…proof that these guys are some kind of awesome. This time, we caught up with The Company Man, host of Brooklyn Bodega’s Show and Prove competition and “Brooklyn Bodega Radio” on PNC Radio (Fridays from 1-4pm). Somehow the conversation turned to flashy … Continue reading

Lessons Learned with Seed Popular & CAC-TV

Check out this HILARIOUS video of Seed Popular ( and I ranting about how the homies over at CAC-TV didn’t warn us not to yell into the mic during our interviews with them. Lesson learned, folks: Excellent equipment = I bet you can hear a pin drop during our interview if you tried hard enough. … Continue reading

Indie Manager Spotlight: David Hamilton

Last month, I did a multi-part series entitled “Indie Manager Spotlight” in which I interviewed several people on the indie scene who are doing some awesome work and were willing to share some insight on their experiences. Well, to start this new year off, I give to you the last of this series, featuring David … Continue reading

Indie Manager Spotlight – Danielle Thornton

Part 4 of our “Indie Manager Spotlight” features Danielle Thornton, who manages Queens MC Eric Sosa. I LOVE her bubbly personality and positive attitude, and it’s obvious upon first meeting her how driven she is to work with her artist. Enjoy… Eric Sosa & Danielle Thornton (courtesy of What made you decide to get … Continue reading

Indie Manager Spotlight – Anshia Tull

Sorry I’m late on continuing this series, so today will be a double-post… Part 3 of our “Indie Manager Spotlight” series is about Anshia Tull (or Ms. Shi Shi, if you’re nasty… LOL), who I met through a mutual friend and currently works with two amazing singers, Kimberly Nichole and Eric Roberson. Name: Anshia “Briclyn” … Continue reading

Indie Manager Spotlight – Andre Clarke

Part 2 of our “Indie Manager Spotlight” is on Andre Clarke, who manages TTK – visual artist, painter and sneaker customizer. I met Dre through mutual friends and knew him as the guy who hosted the cool hip hop showcases. He became the host for my “Show & Tell” events last year, and I’m really happy … Continue reading

Indie Manager Spotlight – Alex Damashek

A few months ago, I had a random conversation about artist management with a friend (who is an independent artist) and he said he thought I would make a good manager. I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge, and began to think of the qualities a manager of an independent artist should have. … Continue reading

Hi-Jynx: More than Just Another Starving Artist (Part 3 of 3)

The last installment of our three-part interview with Hi-Jynx takes us to the NYU area in Manhattan, where Jynx and I tore up some DELICIOUS Thai food at Cafetasia and chopped it up about the importance of having more than just talent in this business…Enjoy, and bon appetit! Cafetasia – 38 E. 8th St. btw … Continue reading

Hi-Jynx: More than Just Another Starving Artist (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 of our three-part interview with Queens MC and budding foodie connoisseur Hi-Jynx takes us to Brooklyn, where he talks to us about his favorite grub spot after a long night in the studio. He also sheds some light on the producers he works with and who’s on his wishlist. Enjoy, and bon appetit! … Continue reading