Donuts Are Forever 6 @ Brooklyn Bowl – 2.19.12

Last Saturday, I headed over to Brooklyn Bowl for the 6th annual “‘Donuts Are Forever” tribute to J Dilla. This event is one that I look forward to every year; it’s a place where I reunite with people I’ve met over the years who share the same appreciation for Dilla’s work. As the DAF tribute parties get bigger and better every year, it seems like no venue the Rare Form staff choose is ever big enough. Advanced tickets were sold out before the doors even opened at 6PM(!). When I arrived, I encountered people who had traveled far and wide, only to be turned away because the box office had also sold out their day-of tickets. Over 1,000 people attended this year’s event! Kudos to all the DJ’s who entertained the crowd until 2AM: DJ Tara, DJ Parler, DJ Brina Payne, DJ Getlive (who had just landed from a week-long trip to Haiti), Ill Digitz, Prince Paul (who also paid tribute to other fallen artists) and Neil Armstrong… As always, many thanks to Dee Phunk and the Rare Form staff for taking great care of their press crew and BRAVO for organizing yet another wonderful event!

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  1. […] it, check out how much fun was had and promise you won’t miss next year’s! Thanks to Liz Allen, Joann Gomez (who snapped the shot above), N. Corren Conway, as well as bkbooth for documenting the […]

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