The “Happy Birthday Liz!” Show @ Southpaw – 8.25.10

OK, so that wasn’t the name of the show, but it sure felt like a suitable alternate… Shouts to Fresh Daily for putting together a show that fell on my birthday and featured some of my favorite MC’s! I received so much love that night – thanks to everyone in attendance! Special thanks goes to … Continue reading

TTK’s Chicken & Waffle Wednesdays – 10.27.10

Last Wednesday, TTK organized the first (of many, I hope) chicken & waffle party at this loft near the South St. Seaport. All you can eat chicken & waffles, open bar, music by DJ Kraff, artwork by TTK…what more can you ask for? Well the host went IN, and also made French toast and shrimp … Continue reading

Duck Sauce – “Barbara Streisand” (Video)

So last Saturday I went to the Fader Fort at the end of CMJ Week and Theophilus London, who headlined their second show, requested that this “Barbara Streisand” song be played as the last song of the night. I’d never heard the song before, but the place turned into this huge dance party for 3 … Continue reading

Akie Bermiss

All I know about this guy is that he’s from Brooklyn and he sings the hook on “Farenheit” by Soul Khan (Brown Bag All Stars)… checked out his site and love what I heard. Take a listen. And check out his band too:¬†

Soul Khan – “Farenheit” (Video)

Nicolas Heller is my new favorite video director. Trust me on this one…He hasn’t failed me yet! This time, he teams up with Houston Yang to bring you the latest video for Soul Khan from the Brown Bag All Stars, entitled “Farenheit.” (Spoiler Alert: Don’t watch this video if you’re afraid of clowns.) I especially … Continue reading

Chris Faust feat. Cocoa Sarai – “Cuffing Season” (Video)

Received this video in my inbox the other day and instantly fell in love with Chris Faust and Cocoa Sarai all over again… first time I heard these two collaborate was on Red Kryptonite, off Chris Faust’s (then known as Print) Comic Books Unlimited, and I’ve been a fan of both artists ever since…In the … Continue reading

A Good Photograph