Farewell Fat Beats…

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you should know by now that Fat Beats, “the last stop for hip hop,” is shutting down this Saturday, September 4th. It came as sad news to everyone who has ever walked up those stairs at 406 Avenue of the Americas. I walked over to Fat Beats NY last … Continue reading

Hi-Jynx: More than Just Another Starving Artist (Part 3 of 3)

The last installment of our three-part interview with Hi-Jynx takes us to the NYU area in Manhattan, where Jynx and I tore up some DELICIOUS Thai food at Cafetasia and chopped it up about the importance of having more than just talent in this business…Enjoy, and bon appetit! Cafetasia – 38 E. 8th St. btw … Continue reading

2010 UMA Winner for Most Dynamic Solo Artist – WORDSPIT!

Over the weekend I posted that my good friend Wordspit, whose journey I’ve been following for almost 2 years now, won an Underground Music Award (UMA) for Most Dynamic Solo Artist. I couldn’t be more proud! Check out the play by play footage from that night, as well as the following night, where some of … Continue reading

Memorial Day 40 Oz. Bounce x Dave’s Birthday x What’s Wrong With the NYPD???

Two things you should know before watching this video: 1. If you know anything about the 40 Oz. Bounce, then you know that the organizers’ only wish is to bring together a bunch of people in the spirit of having a good time out in the open. 2. David Hamilton (aka @imjustdave on Twitter) is … Continue reading

Nicolas Heller x AOK Collective = WIN!

After four videos from Nicolas Heller and various members of the AOK Collective, I’m convinced that they are a match made in heaven. Nicolas has some sort of twisted humor that works on people of any age (have you seen the video for “Thanx” by Fresh Daily?); his latest even had my mom cracking up… … Continue reading

Let’s Get This Party Started Right…

Thanks to my brother Pat for this pic of me last night at Taj…jewelry by Fanta Celah, hair by Crystal Rose. Many thanks to everyone who came out and had to deal with massive lines; to DJ Getlive for looking out; to DJ Church and DJ Rawbeatz for wrapping up the night with a bang … Continue reading

W for Wordspit – Wins UMA Award!

I am sooooooo happy as I write this post… Tonight, my good friend Wordspit just won his first Underground Music Award for Most Dynamic Solo Artist! It was a really tough category; Spit was up against other highly talented artists – Donnis, B.I.G. Krit, Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y and Panama. But Team Illest pulled through, and, … Continue reading

Tess – “Luv U 4 Life” (Video)

Late pass… I finally checked out the video for “Luv U 4 Life,” the lead single off Tess’ debut project, “Tess Goes Jodeci.” As the name suggests, all the songs are reworkings of classic Jodeci tracks. I’m a huge (read: HUGE!) fan of Jodeci, and I really enjoyed this video and appreciate how Tess made … Continue reading

It’s Almost That Time Again…

Birthday Time! In just a few days, I’ll be a year older and hopefully wiser. So much has happened this past year, and yet so much has remained the same… Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this personal year something memorable. I’ll release the celebratory details tomorrow, but for now, bask in the … Continue reading

Deal the Villain & Tommie Chase – “Kung Fu Treachery”

The artwork for alone had me hyped…I kid you not. Deal the Villain and Tommie Chase (of St. Joe Louis) unleash “Kung Fu Treachery” over this track, and it’s sprinkled with kung fu flick soundbytes and slick talk for days! Enjoy! *insert Bruce Lee cry after finishing off an opponent* Deal the Villain & Tommie … Continue reading