West Indian Parade 2009 – 9.7.09

Labor Day, thousands of Caribbean-Americans descended upon Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn to celebrate their heritage and have a grand ol’ time… I donned my red and blue (for Haiti), and my fave Haiti adidas jacket and hit the parkway after work, where I met up with Jintrovert (Jamaica) and Trezure the Empress (Trinidad/Bahamas). Together, we hit up a rooftop cookout, a backyard BBQ, and later wrapped up Jintrovert’s birthday week at the Rice & Peas party at Sway. It was great seeing many of our friends and repping for our respective islands. But the beauty of it all was everyone coming together in colorful display of unity.  Here are a few photos from the day.

First person I ran into was my friend Gardy (Haiti), who I manage to find EVERY YEAR among the THOUSANDS of people in the streets…


Everybody was using their restrooms to make a bit of money. I’m pretty sure this sign meant to say “$1.00” or else they better have a golden toilet or something…


The last Haitian float to go down the parkway


Jintrovert, repping for Jamaica!


TreZure the Empress, repping for Trinidad & Bahamas. Peep the red boots!


A Bajan parade-goer and dancer


More parade dancers


I refused to take a pic of this lady, so Jintrovert did it…I wonder what she was thinking when she got dressed that morning?


Rooftop BBQ – Jeffrey Dessources and friends repping for Haiti!


Photog Mackenten (aka Mr. Flashing Lights) holding down the bar


Made some new friends =)


Shouts to my road dogs Jintrovert and Trezure, as well as Dox and Ciph Diggy of the Sleepwalkas for their hospitality and all around great time! Already looking forward to next year…

One Response to “West Indian Parade 2009 – 9.7.09”
  1. im from the bahamas with trini kin! and liz ur parade photos are fiyah!

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