Photo featured in Backayard Magazine!

Labor Day, I got a special treat, as I received my second print in a magazine! Backayard Magazine is dedicated to reggae, roots and all things JA (Jamaican, that is). Back in March, I was asked to do a photo shoot for DJ Mihoko, a female reggae DJ from Japan, who would be featured in the magazine. It was supposed to be my first print, but Wordspit and Bleu Magazine beat them to it…

This past week, I learned that the current issue of Backayard Magazine was released in Jamaica a couple of months ago and can be seen prominently at the airport and other locations…I’m officially international, son! =P

Many thanks to DJ Madsol Desar, DJ Mihoko and Madeline Moulton over at Backayard for this awesome opportunity!

(center spread!)

DJ Mihoko feature in Backayard Magazine

(This alone made my day. My first properly credited photo.)

It's about time I got proper photo credit!

Pick up Vol. 9 of Backayard Magazine with Queen Africa on the cover!

Backayard Mag cover

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